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Greetings from the Invisible World of Angels and Spirits! Welcome! So glad you stopped by! This is the very first posting on this brand new blog.


‘The world you call the Earth is in turmoil. It is time for change!’

The guiding lights are anxious to intervene. They have stood by and watched as you

run your societies like spoilt children trying to play games. Rules are made and

then broken. One law for the people and another for the leaders. Corruption,

hatred, greed, and the love of money above all else is ruining the planet and all

who dwell there.’

It is a sorry sight and sadness permeates through to us in this vibration. We need to lighten up this heavy atmosphere.  It is becoming too dark.  There are many of you that work for the light, who are trying to deal with this. Now we have received instructions to help you. The time has come for intervention.  We can no longer stand by and watch you destroy the planet.