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First blog post

I wanted a place to write and connect with people and I also needed an outlet for the Spiritual voices that speak to me and through me.  I feel inspired to reach out and share the knowledge that has been offered.  It’s not meant for me…alone…for too long I have listened to the gentle guidance… throughout many years I have wondered about it…and now I feel a responsibility to leave a footprint, where others may find it.

I carry Irish and Romany blood in my veins, and the insight of other worlds in my heart. The deep-seated memories of a time when the Earth was very different to today, still follow me on my journey through many lives.

I have shared my life with others; enlightened beings, who have influenced my path to understanding.  For them I am eternally grateful.  Some of these souls were part of my family in this lifetime.  Others I met along the way.  I will write about these things in later posts.

So, thank you for visiting. I hope you will stop by now and then to read my offerings.

If just one person can be inspired to begin their search, or be encouraged to question,after reading these words that I pass on, then that is reason enough to continue.  So please leave a comment, or say hello, if you are able.